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If you’ve been diagnosed with basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma, a possible treatment is Mohs surgery. At Boulder Dermatology, Dr. Todd Becker performs this precise and effective treatment for removing cancerous lesions. If you live in Boulder or Louisville, Colorado, call the office or use the online booking agent to schedule a skin screening and find out if treatment with Mohs surgery is right for you.


What is Mohs surgery?

Mohs surgery is frequently used to treat basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma, as well as other less known skin conditions. It can be one of the most effective ways to treat these cancers.

The procedure allows for the removal of all cancer and offers a high cure rate, but also spares healthy tissue and leaves minimal scarring. It can only be performed by specially trained surgeons like Dr. Becker.

Who is a good candidate for Mohs surgery?

The size of your tumor, location, margin definition, anatomic location, and risk of recurrence all factor into whether Mohs surgery is right for your diagnosis. It’s often used in sensitive cosmetic areas, such as around the eyes, nose, ears, scalp, fingers, toes, and genitals, because it allows for maximum tissue preservation in areas where tissue is relatively thin.

Mohs surgery is also effective for especially large basal cell and squamous cell tumors or ones that are growing rapidly. Tumors that recur or have indistinct edges are also good candidates for the surgery. Mohs surgery may be appropriate in some cases of melanoma as well.

How is Mohs surgery performed?

Routine incisional surgery involves removing the whole known tumor and nearby surrounding healthy tissue to eliminate all possible cancerous cells, and is done in one step. Mohs surgery occurs during one visit, but in stages.

During the procedure, Dr. Becker removes the known tumor, including a very small area of surrounding normal tissue that he then examines under a microscope while you wait. If cancer cells remain, he removes another small layer of tissue, preserving as much healthy tissue as possible. He repeats the stages until no cancer cells can be detected.

Because of the methodical manner in which the tissue is removed and examined in Mohs surgery, the cure rate is as high as 99 percent for certain skin cancers.

If you’ve been diagnosed with squamous cell or basal cell carcinoma, explore the possibility of Mohs surgery — the gold standard for treatment. Call Boulder Dermatology or schedule an appointment online today.